Dolby ATMOS - For Home!

Straight From The Studio, No Changes!

Dolby, the leader in surround sound technology for Cinemas, DVD, Games, Mobile devices, and TV has released the next generation of surround sound to theaters - DOLBY ATMOS. This next evolution of sound processing has finally unlocked the ability for content creators to make the sound more accurately match the picture. They have done away with surround sound as we know it.

DOLBY ATMOS is the latest and greatest sound technology for movie goers, you can currently experience ATMOS in select theaters. The new flexible format can offer up to 62.2 channels of sound (120 tracks of simultaneous audio). Movie goers that have seen movies in an ATMOS equipped theater rave at how real the sound is!

The current 'channel-based' surround sound is extremely limited when it comes to smooth even sound. So Dolby went back to the drawing board and created what they call 'Object-Based' surround sound. This allows audio mixers to move sound freely around the room in three-dimensions, as opposed to per speaker (channel) specifically, and allow the playback system to determine how that should be played back... basically it self-adapts, and this is very cool!

The bottom line is that not only will Atmos allow for playback on virtually any system by self adapting, which saves time producing the disc, it also has given us a new option for more speakers... height and width! That's right, now we have speakers overhead!A whole new world of sound that creates a truly immersive experience.

The Evolution Of Dolby

Take a journey back to where it all began, and then see the evolution of surround sound, the evolution that has ultimately brought us ATMOS!

How You Can Get Atmos

If your building a new system from the ground up, then it's easy, just talk to our Pros about getting ATMOS enabled products.   If you have an existing system you can keep your old speakersm, but you may need to add some new ones, or reconfigure the old ones. It will likely take some work to get some new wiring in place, especially for ceiling speakers, and then you will need to replace your AV processor with an ATMOS enabled one.

It's probably best to just consult with a Pro, there are quite a few specialty speakers to choose from, some even allow you to get ATMOS without putting speakers on the ceiling, although that's the preferred placement. 

Either way, there are important consideration you need to look for in the type of speakers you choose, and their placement - this is critical to getting ATMOS sounding perfect.Our Pros can walk you though it in just a couple minutes.

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