Conferencing Systems Shouldn't be Difficult

December 14, 2018 1 min read

Conference spaces play an incredibly critical role in business; they’re where business plans are mapped out, big deals are finalized, and employees collaborate on day-to-day. Modern technology has brought conferencing to the next level, and made it easier then ever! Keep reading to learn more about new conferencing & communication technology.

video distribution

No matter what equipment your system calls for, with a complete line of commercial solutions from Atlona, we’ve got you covered. Switch easily between a variety of formats and extend HDMI and USB connections to other products with ease. Check out all of our Atlona products Here


Whether installing a fully integrated system with microphones or a smaller system with a simple USB speakerphone, our audio solutions are engineered for any application. Sense has wired solutions such as theSE-300-HM-SW , as well as wireless mics like theSE-350-WT-HAND. ClearOne offers a few alternate solutions as well, such as the C1-CHAT50USBC1-CHAT150USB

Web Conferencing

When you're in need of streamlined video conferencing, our Nearus cameras are the way to go for a simple and low cost solution. Nearus offers the USB 2.0 PT Web Conference Cam and the USB 2.0 PTZ 1080P Web Conference Cam with 10x zoom


We carry a full line of all the in-between gear from hubs to tablet stands, so you’ll have all the little widgets that make the system work. Check them out

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