Smart Home

November 27, 2018 3 min read

Make your home smart

As technology has advanced society has found ways to work smarter, not harder. From custom lighting, smart locks, custom remote systems and home music systems, the smart home market is growing. In fact, according to CE Pro, the smart home market is poised to grow 31% year over year! The future is now, invest in smart home tech & make your home or work space more functional than ever.


Alarms & access

Make your home more secure with a smart alarm like the easy to use Nest Secure. You can arm and disarm it remotely using an app on your phone, use Nest Tag key chains for key-less entry, or even go hands free and ask Google assistant to take care of it for you!


Another way to upgrade your home is to add smart locks, like the Nest Lock. The Nest smart lock is key-less and can be operated from anywhere via the Nest app, and comes in three finishes.


Video Doorbells & Cams

Know who's knocking from anywhere with a video doorbell like the Nest Hello. The video feed from the Hello is easily accessible, you can view it via an app on your phone or on a big screen via streaming.

Adding cameras in and around your property is also another great way to keep track of everything that's going on, giving you even more peace of mind! Camera's like the Nest Cam & IQ Cam are great choices, both having indoor & outdoor options.

Thermostats & Sensors

Smart thermostats like the Learning Thermostatby Nest are great for improving your home's functionality. This thermostat actually tracks your activity and learns to adjust the temperature accordingly. This saves energy and in turn saves you money!


Upgrade your normal smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with theNest Protect. With the Protect, alarms and voice alerts sound throughout your home. You can even check alerts on your phone through the Nest app. The app also gives more control, allowing you to silence the alarm if everything is under control. 

Voice & Streaming

Google Home is a personal voice assistant that provides hands-free help in any room and can integrate with leading control brands including Nest, so home automation can be operated entirely via voice control. 


Just imagine.. With Google Home you can adjust the temperature in your home using just your voice, lock / unlock your doors, and stream music from major services like Spotify and Google play. With Chromecast, you can even stream video feed from your Nest Hello Doorbell to your TV!

Home Lighting & Sensors

With the new RA2 Select w/OvrC from world lighting world leader Lutron now available Smart Lighting Control couldn't any easier. Not only can you take full control of your lights, outlets, or even shades. You also can control them from anywhere with the phone app. And with the option to add occupancy sensors to any area, auto turning off lights when not in use, saves energy and in turn saves you money!


But wait, there is more! You can also control the whole thing with Smart Home services like Google Home. And should you have any trouble, they are OvrC enabled, allowing your installer to help anytime!

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