The Future of Lighting Control

November 26, 2018 2 min read

Safety & Savings

Dimming a light isn’t just aesthetically friendly, it can create a safer environment for you at home or work. It can integrate with control or surveillance systems to provide intelligent security, or just offer extra savings by improving overall lamp life.


Connecting smart lighting to existing alarm systems, or having a standalone system can make your home safer. Whether you're taking precautions or just want to stop fumbling with switches in the dark, lighting is a simple way to add to you & your family's peace of mind. 


Not to mention, you'll love saving with smart lighting. Lutron dimmers save an average of 10 billion kilowatt hours per year! That’s equivalent to the amount of energy needed to light 4.4 million homes, or $950 million dollars of residential energy!

How does it work?


Smart lighting control is easier than you think. Group commands get transmitted across a small network of devices, using a source device called a main repeater.


The main repeater is the hub of all activity for Lutron lighting devices, and acts as the network “brain”. It relays custom commands and information back to connected lighting products such as switches and dimmers, so you’re able to control individual devices or groups of devices wirelessly.

Ovrc Integration

Lutron and OvrC have partnered to natively integrate the Lutron RA2 Select main repeater with the OvrC remote management platform. 


With OvrC, you sometimes have the option for remote service. If available, a technician can remotely troubleshoot your system. This eliminates the need for a service call, saving everyone time.


Sometimes, depending on the problem you're having, there's no need to contact your technician at all! Depending on the devices you have and your subscription, you may have access to OvrC Home. OvrC home gives you the added ability to troubleshoot simple problems all on your own.

Click these links to learn more about Lutron & Ovrc !


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