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Are you ready to make your mark

Episode Signature is the jaw drop in every movie. It's the air guitar in every jam session. It's the sound that pulls heartstrings, starts parties, and amplifies your life. It's pure, unfiltered, and unforgettable harmony. You know it when you see it, hold it, and hear it. Because it makes a mark.

pure sound

Grounded in an acoustical design approach, Episode Signature raises the bar not just for us, but for everything you've ever heard.

perfect design

Get your hands on one and you won't want to let it go. Every speaker looks like it's meant for the world's greatest stage, yours.


Episode Signature Speaker Back Box Enclosure

Any Signature Series speaker from Episode can have an optional dedicated back-box added to it for increased sonic performance where improvement is desired.

Reduce Unwanted Sound - This enclosure effectively reduces sound propagation to adjacent rooms by up to 30dB, directing all sound energy back into the primary listening room. Never disturb your neighbors again.

Sound Integrity - No two walls are the same, and depending on the size or shape of a space, this can affect the sound of your in-wall speaker. These enclosures eliminate variances in wall anatomy for predictable performance anywhere. 

The Line Up

Episode Signature 1300 Series Speakers

gooD | 1300 Series

Impeccable clarity meets astounding design for a speaker that's bound to impress, especially at this price point.

Episode Signature 1500 Series Speakers


Built for performance you used to find in higher-priced speakers. Well rounded speakers for any space.

Episode Signature 1700 Series Speakers


Give audiophiles something new to talk about. When you want the greatest - the 1700 Series is it.

All have outstanding sonic performance, your just moving through degrees of greatness.

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