An AMazing Projection EXPERIENCE

Epson Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Big screen movie and gaming projection – ranging from economy to mid-range. Great for ceiling installations, wireless models available. Available in 1080p and 4K Enhancement.

Epson Pro Cinema Projectors

Pro Cinema

Unprecedented cinematic experience. - Epson's Ultra-bright Pro Cinema units offer perfect color reproduction and smooth lifelike images. Available in 4K Ehancement.

Epson Laser Projectors

Pro Cinema Laser

Experience the most technologically advanced projectors, featuring a wide color gamut and an ultra-high contrast ratio. Superior image quality and reliability. Available in 1080p and 4K Enhancement.

Epson Commercial Projectors


Powerful performers, these high output installation projectors can make everything from business presentations to spiritual services shine. Available in resolutions beyond 1080p and 4K Enhancement.

Experience 4k Enhancement

Available on select projectors, Epson's 4K Enhancement technology delivers astonishing picture quality. Cost effective solution to much more expensive True 4K Projectors on the market. Connect all of your 4K devices, no problem, Epson 4K Enhancement projectors even support HDR.

Epson Projector Compatiability


Select projectors have features such as Intelligent lens position memory, great for more complex screen ratio applications. As well, there is also the new 4K UHD with HDR support in select units.

Epson Projector Installation


With features like Lens Shift for off center alignment, it make it a snap to install in less than ideal locations. Wireless HDMI is another option, when running an HDMI isn't. Epson projectors are the most flexible on the market. 

Epson Image Processing


Image processing is the key to a great picture, and with ISF and THX certifications, High-end Frame Interpolation, and Super Res, Epson excels.

Epson Projector Efficiency


Power usage is one thing, and that's covered with Instant Off. But proper cooling is often overlooked, Epsons innovative and efficient cooling system allows for longer bulb life and longer projector life. 

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