What end users consider “plain” lightbulbs. Current passes through the tungsten filament until it glows. Over time, this filament weakens & breaks.

Electronic low voltage uses circuitry-based electronic transformers to convert 120V down to 12V or 24V.*

This energy-efficient, curved-tube lightbulb is another form of fluorescent lighting, and was designed to replace incandescent bulbs in lamps or fixtures.

A tube filled with mercury vapor. This gas excites the phosphor lighting element inside, producing visible light regulated by the ballast.

Solid-state light-emitting diode that uses electro- luminescence instead of heat to create light. An LED driver regulates this current.*

Magnetic low voltage converts 120V down to 12V or 24V using heavy core and coil transformers. This is typically used in commercial or accent lighting.*

Our exclusive RA2 Select main repeater has OvrC built in at no extra cost, saving you time and money by enabling unmatched remote configuration and troubleshooting. Plus, Lutron devices work seam-lessly with the OvrC ecosystem.

Lutron’s easy-to-use RA2 Select line is a robust, professional solution for integrators. It offers personalized, smart lighting control to clients at flexible price points, while ensuring their overall comfort and peace of mind.

Lutron’s experts have been working with control system engineers for years. By working with popular control brands to create up-to-date drivers, they’ve helped ensure continuous control system integration into all RA2 Select products, enabling more device commands and new triggers.