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When you purchase OvrC enabled equipment or OvrC Pro from an Authorized OvrC Installer your installer will not only be able to manage your systems remotely if needed, but can also give you access to a customized control app called OvrC Home. OvrC Home empowers you to be able to fix common issues with reboots, or filter network content to keep surfing safe, and even manage your Wi-Fi times - with the right OvrC products installed in your home.*

Take Full CONTROL of your Wifi

Through the OvrC Home app with your OvrC enabled Wifi Access Points you can manage Wi-Fi access with the push of a button. Now you can easily get the family to come to the dinner table by simply pausing the wifi to their devices. You will also have access to multiple filters that range from basic malware protection to advanced content filtering, so you can choose how to best protect your family from the internet.*

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Fix It With Quick Resets

No matter how advanced or simple your home systems are, you know your inevitably going to have a problem that requires a reboot or powercylce of a device. Now with any OvrC enabled device or any device connected to an OvrC power controller, like those from Wattbox, you can quickly and easily reboot devices or even whole systems right from your phone. You'll be back up and running in no time.*

OvrC Enabled Brands

Make sure these brands are part of your next project to enjoy all the benefits of the OvrC system.

Don't forget to ask your dealer about OvrC Pro for expanded capabilities.

*Each feature requires the OvrC associated devices to have been purchased & installed by your dealer. Some features may require the purchase of additional 3rd party equipment or service plans from your dealer. Control of non-OvrC enabled devices requires that device be connected to an appropriate OvrC enabled device such as a power controller or an OvrC Pro network controller.