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Complete Control

complete control

The staple of remote control, these systems are desinged for single-room applications. These world-class universal remotes combine your multiple device controllers into one, simplifying system control, without any extra bells and whistles.This system uses industry standard IR remote control.

MX Home Pro

MX Home Pro

IMX Home Pro is great for those who want to control asingle-room+. Combining a smart hub with remote and mobile app, you can integrate select Z-Wave devices with your entertainment systems - including URC Vivido Lighting controls!This system uses your homes network to communicate to the Smart Hub.

Total Control

Total Control

Total Control is fully loaded with features for integration. You can easily control a single-room or an entire house from your remote, touchscreen, and mobile device! Utilizing your homes network for communication.Total Control can connect with virtually any device. Works with Vivido Lighting!

Vivido Lighting

Lighting Control

Add the optional Z-Wave hub device, you can easily take control of your room or whole-home lighting with Vivido Lighting. Vivido offers a standalone two-way lighting solution through programmable motion-based events.

zwave device control

Z-WAVE Control

Add thousands of Z-wave devices into your control system like door locks, fans and more using the optional URC Z-wave hub for MX Home Pro or Total Control Systems.

*URC remote control systems require a URC certified installer for programming, programming softwares are not available to end-user. Systems may have certain networking requirements that may require you to change, replace or upgrade all or some of your existing network components at additonal cost. A licensed electrician may be required to install lighting controls, this may incur addtional fees beyond standard installation fees.

**MX Home Pro & Total Control devices only available from select direct URC dealers, devices are only available for purchase with installation (sold separately).

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