220 Series Digital to Analog Audio Converter

The B-220-DAC is the solution for newer devices that do not have analog outputs. It converts the 2-ch PCM signal into an analog signal that can be used in a multi-room audio system. And unlike competitive models, this is the only DAC you need since it features both optical and coaxial inputs.

  • To simplify the install, the B-220-DAC accepts either a Toslink or coaxial connection from your equipment. NOTE: Only one connection may be used per installation as there is no switching functionality.
  • This DAC supports all major frequency types: music (44.1kHz), DVDs (48kHz), even upsample 96kHz audio. NOTE: The original AppleTV and Airport Express output at 44.1 kHz, while the newer AppleTVs upsample to 48kHz.

**For AppleTV, BluRay or other multi-channel capable sources, you must set the output of the source to 2-CH, PCM or downmix for proper decoding in the DAC.