Definitive Technology


BP10B Floor-Standing Bipolar Loudspeaker

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Definitive Technology's BP10 is a revolutionary audiophile-engineered designer-styled loudspeaker intended for musical reproduction and home theater systems of the highest quality. This full-range bipolar (front and rear) radiating system combines the lush spacious soundstaging, lifelike depth-of-field, razor-sharp resolution and pinpoint imaging of the finest dipolar panel loudspeakers with the extended bass response, high-efficiency, wide dynamic range and easy-to-position convenience of the best conventional box systems.

  •  Bipolar technology (speakers on front and back of enclosure) for huge room-filling sound for every listener in the room
  •  Two High-Definition drivers with cast Magnesium baskets
  •  Two Annealed Pure Aluminum dome tweeters
  •  Slim Designer enclosure takes up less than one square foot of floor space
  •  High gloss black lacquer end caps
  •  Available individually