Ultra Black ALR 4K Fixed 16:9 Projection Screens

Our Ultra Black Fixed ALR projection screens prevent customers from seeing washed-out images in rooms with too much natural light.Due to its application, Ambient Light Rejecting material is manufactured at a higher quality than traditional screens; it absorbs and rejects all excess natural light in a room in order to deliver an out-of-this-world viewing experience. Not only does this screen pair seamlessly with 4K projectors, but it also offers high-definition experiences for 1080p systems.

Every fixed screen frame is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan for the perfect theater experience. The beveled 3-1/4 in. aviation grade aluminum frame is rigid, easy to assemble, and looks great too!

Don’t be fooled by the competition. Dragonfly’s ambient light rejecting material was designed to be premium-grade: it delivers stunning performance and a sharper color contrast all at one competitive price. Not only does this unique material add a sleek, professional look to any install, it also absorbs and reflects excess light in a variety of versatile use cases. The difference is clear!