Matte White Recessed Motorized Tab Tension 16:9 Projection Screens

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Our in-ceiling recessed motorized projection screens give you stellar visual performance. Flexible modular design lets you install housing first, and then install the motor/screen assembly later, while an industry-leading tubular motor delivers whisper quiet operation.

Our Matte White screen material makes every seat the best in the house! It's engineered with a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing so no matter where you’re sitting you get the best performance. Reduced light “ripples” and glare create impeccable color balance and translate to true-to-life, accurate reproduction.

Innovative TabTite™ technology means this screen is sure to stay perfectly flat and wrinkle-free with each and every use. The weighted bar pulls the screen down, while strings run vertically to stretch it, holding it taut. Adjustment knobs enable easy fine-tuning of the tension to fit your application.