All-Weather Volume Control - 100 Watt

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The Episode® All-Weather Volume Control is a complete weatherproof volume control kit. The enclosure provides protection from the elements and is suitable for any outdoor areas. It is designed to be mounted to an exterior wall or hard, flat, surface and has a 3/4" PVC conduit opening in the bottom to allow wiring access to the unit. The volume control is impedance matching (1X, 2X,4X,8X) and has locking detachable 14AWG connectors for simple and secure connections...

Accommodates up to 14 gauge wire, Impedance Matching Run up to 8 pairs of speakers, with a volume control at each pair, from a single stereo amplifier. Just set the multiplier switch to the proper setting and your amplifier is protected from dangerous load conditions while maintaining a full 12 steps of volume control.

Easier to Match Decor - Includes  White, Ivory and Almond single-gang wall plates