800 Commercial Series 70-Volt In-Ceiling Speaker with Tile Bridge & 4 Woofer

Episode SpeakersECS-800-IC-4


Get premium sound quality and unparalleled performance with the Episodeᆴ 800 Commercial Series 70-Volt In-Ceiling Speaker. Top-notch components, a wide frequency response, two-way design, and dual voltage support for 70V/100V with 8-ohm bypass provide exceptional sound clarity and dynamic highs and lows. And itメs chock-full of installer-friendly features, too! An innovative 3-piece tile bridge, front-mounted tap settings, and all-cardboard packaging make this professional-grade product perfect for your next commercial application. This speaker comes with a modern white, thin-bezel magnetic grille, with black grilles available for purchase. And for the icing on the cake, everything you need for the install ships together. One speaker, one bridge ヨ one box. For more information please visit www.snapav.com or contact our Pros.

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