900 Series In-Wall Home Theater Speaker with Dual 7" Woofers

This Episode® 900 Series In-Wall Home Theater Speaker represents our best thinking on the subject of speaker design. The absolute best components have been combined with a 3-way system design to deliver best-in-class performance. A 4.65” ribbon provides amazing clarity and detail while our larger dual 7” NCS woofers deliver an over-the-top experience that can only come from Episode.

  • For the woofer cone, we combined Kevlar® with the natural damping qualities of paper in a unique material. This results in well-damped, neutral acoustic characteristics. 
  • Our engineers paired the NCS woofers with a premium 4.65” ribbon tweeter. This high-efficiency tweeter features powerful neodymium magnets and a lightweight Kapton® ribbon for unsurpassed sensitivity, frequency response, and linearity