VersaBox Dual Layer Recessed Box w/ Extended Door

This VersaBox offers the same reliable in-wall storage with a snap-in shelf, but it’s been modified to provide even more wall space for packed installs in residential or commercial locations. Now you can put the Internet “in a box” with ease. Keep the door closed with secure tabs, or use a can wrench (not included) to engage the locking mechanism. Your equipment will stay right where you installed it.

Because of the extended door, this VersaBox is not compatible with our Razor TV Mount Series.

For situations that require a secure storage option (such as PCI compliance), this door’s unique security screw system makes access only possible by using a specialized CAN wrench (sold separately).

Designed to be used in large scale deployments such as MDUs, QSGs, and track home builders, this VersaBox has multiple mounting options to accommodate a wide range of site conditions. Its optional Pre-Construction Bracket provides an easy method to reserve the space in the wall for a seamless install. Alternatively, it can be mounted directly to a stud using the holes on the sides or use the included dog ears to mount it retrofit into drywall or in the ceiling.