Horizontal Lacing L Bar

Not only does effective wire management show your professionalism, it also makes it easier to perform system upgrades or service equipment. This product is purpose built to handle the challenge of routing and managing wires horizontally across the back of the rack. It features numerous slots for zip ties and a slim profile that stays out of your way.

  • No matter how you install it, the SR-LACEBAR-H has twenty slots for as many wire ties or "hook & loop" straps that you will need
  • Mount it with the "L" on the bottom to create a channel for smaller cables or to cradle those pesky power supply bricks, or mount it on the top to create a small shelf to run larger cables or mount small accessories.
  • If you are trying to fit the rack into a tight spot, or simply do not want anything sticking out of the back, the SR-LACEBAR-H can be used to keep your wires snug to the back of the rack.