Hybrid IP-Enabled 2/4-Ch DSP Amplifier

This high-power hybrid 70V/8-ohm digital amplifier with IP control and network management, versatile inputs/outputs, and a compact form factor. But don't be fooled by its small size – this amp packs a serious punch and has the build quality to last years in your rack. You’ll find this amp is right at home in so many applications, including churches, gyms, restaurants, landscape, and large distributed audio systems.

Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs plus digital inputs & adjustable input gain settings let you input a wide range of source levels, including mic level, line level, and pro audio - simply adjust the input level in the UI to match the source. Plus, with loop outs, you always have the option to stack these amps to gain more power and easily loop the wiring.

The 2-channel configuration of this amp allows for simultaneously powering a large number of 70V speakers and high-powered subs, like our Landscape Series Burial Subwoofers and Hardscape Subwoofers.