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Large Fixed-Height Mobile Display Stand

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Take control of creative, presentation and collaboration workspaces with Salamander’s (FPS1-FH) fixed height, mobile stand. This Heavy Duty mobile stand integrates seamlessly with VESA compatible, collaboration displays up to 65” or 175 lbs.

Fixed height, mobile stands were designed to meet your needs, these stands deliver sleek design, functionality and mobility. The sleek design of the FPS1-FH mobile stand allows it to be moved easily between spaces. Use your interactive display in your work area then deploy it to your meeting space and reduce the number of devices in your creative production chain.


Ergonomic Design

  • Adjustable height (during setup) positioning provides best possible ergonomics and viewing.
  • ADA compliant.



  • Large Handles provide superior stability and maneuverability
  • Adjustable Height Position set during assembly
  • Secure Rear Panels allow for easy access to concealed storage with strap mounted peripherals
  • 2RU Vertical Rack with interior cable management
  • Premium Casters provide smooth transport over any surface
  • Vents allows for airflow of peripherals
  • External Storage accessible storage cubby on front
  • Accessories Include: a retractable cable reel, rear attaching shelf for laptops and keyboards, speaker mounts and camera shelf