500 Series Fisheye IP Outdoor Camera

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Take advantage of this camera’s 180° horizontal and vertical field of view. Our Luma fisheye camera is perfect for capturing everything in a nearby location using a single camera, outperforming competitors who might need several cameras to offer the same level of complete coverage.

Weather Rating IP66
Resolution Main stream:2688×1520@20fps, 1920×1080@30fps, 1280×720@30fps
Sub stream:640*320@15fps, 352*240@15fps
Zoom Type 1.27 Fixed, f2.8
Sense Up / WDR Yes / Yes
Heater -
IR / Range 10 m
Mirror Yes
Power 12 VDC, PoE (802.3af), Max. 12 W
Network Type 10M/100M Ethernet Interface
Analog Type -


** The power supply is sold separately.