Universal All-Weather Soundbar TV Mount

With three-axis adjustment and flexible installation options, the Strong™ Universal Soundbar Bracket will make your next indoor or outdoor TV system look and sound great. In addition to streamlined aesthetics, these universal mounts also move with the TV as you adjust it, giving you perfect placement every time. The updated design offers additional rigidity and less flex to support heavier soundbars. Plus, a weatherproof coating ensures strength and reliability in the harshest conditions.

  • A premium, weatherproof coating makes this bracket ideal for permanent outdoor soundbar installation, and prevents rust and fragility.
  • This soundbar mount is built using the same rugged components as our TV mounts. A combination of 14-gauge steel and extruded aluminum delivers the perfect blend of form, fit and function.

** Works with Episode soundbars
** To confirm the bracket will fit your application, check the TV's VESA-pattern width against the mounting-hole width on the soundbar. If they are within 5.5" of each other then you're good to go!