Horizontal Lacing L Bar With Offset

Improve wire management and get a clean, professional rack with these Strong™ Rack Offset L Bars. A slim profile and tons of zip-tie slots get wires where they need to be - and keep them there securely. An updated tray-style design prevents wires from rolling and components from sliding, while also providing tons of configuration options. Stack them, offset them, space them, or nest them - when it comes to organizing wires, cleaning up your rack, and supporting large pieces of equipment, this is the way to go.
  • This versatile L bar can be used facing in or out, vertically or horizontally, by itself or in conjunction with other lacing bars. Use it to get strain relief for heavy cables, support small components, or screw it directly to the wall.
  • No matter how you install it, the SR-LACEBAR-H-OFF2 has 20 slots (1.4" x 1.4”) to hold as many wire ties or "hook & loop" straps as needed to properly manage wires in the rack.