Extender & Accessory Rack Shelves

This 3U accessory shelf is the perfect companion to our matrix switchers - giving you the ability to mount up to 8 assorted media extenders on a single shelf in the back of the rack. Of course, you can also use it for IR blocks, wireless transmitters or just about any compact accessory!

**If you plan on using this Extender and Accessory Rack Shelf, be aware that the B-500-EXT-230-RS and B-500-EXT-330-RS-IP are 4U when placed vertically, as opposed to the 3U height of most of our legacy extenders. With the larger extender chassis being 1U taller when vertical, make sure that you have 4U of total height for the shelf; installation in the rear of the rack is best. The extender may also be secured with double-sided sticky tape, or preferably Velcro