Plexiglas Rack Door for Wall-Mount Series

Secure your A/V system and prevent debris from getting to sensitive equipment with these lockable plexiglass doors. Their steel construction is a perfect fit to our Strong™ wall racks, and they have a universal swing for easy left/right installation. Plus they look great too, thanks to a semi-opaque smoked acrylic window.

  • If the rack is going into a commercial application, you'll appreciate this door's lock to prevent tampering or theft of equipment by patrons or employees.
  • For a truly custom look, the acrylic insert may be replaced with a panel of your choosing. Whether you’re substituting for a different color or inserting a sleek decorative piece, the original acrylic serves as a guide for sizing up the custom panel.
Rack Spacing 16U 12U 10U
Dimensions 21.26" x 28.02" x 0.86" 21.26" x 21.02" x .86" 21.26" x 17.52" x .86"
Weight 15 lbs 13 lbs 12 lbs