SWM-16 [c]

DIRECTV 16 Channel Single Wire Multiswitch

The DIRECTV SWM16 is a dynamo! This sixteen channel, single-wire multiswitch allows each of its two outputs to be split up to eight times, for a total of sixteen tuners. This provides 16 independent channels for supporting up to 16 DIRECTV satellite tuners. With DIRECTV’s latest receivers requiring up to five tuners, this multiswitch gives you more than enough capability for current and future equipment. It also can provide four legacy outputs for older non-SWM equipment.

*Includes SWM Power injector.

**Compatible with HR24, H24, H25, C31, C41, HR34, HR44, HR23, H23, HR22 HR1, H21, R16, D12 and H20 w/.2042 Firmware Update

Condition: New

Warranty: As-Is

Refund Policy: Standard 15-Day Return Period