Universal Remote Control


MRF-350 RF to IR Base Station

The MRF-350 base station is an “addressable” base station. RF Addressing gives you the ability to control many identical components in a system if needed. IR routing is also supported to insure control signals only reach the appropriate piece of equipment. A separate antenna module allows for better antenna placement while the base station stay in the equipment area, great for interference created by some electronics.

To enable better range and reliability a Narrow Band RF (i) version is also available to match select (i) remotes for applications were 433mhz is required. Includes 6 IR emitters, power cord, and antenna module with wire.

Compatible with select MX series remotes only of either the 433 or 418mhz type.

*418mhz or 433mhz  version must be specified, they are not inter-operable.

*Requires professional programming by a certified URC installer.