Cool Components


SlimSix Exhaust Vent Fan System with Plastic Grill

A cool component is a more reliable component, that's why every cabinet and closet needs the SlimSix Vent System. Perfect for installing anywhere a sleek look is desired, these systems quickly move hot air away from equipment to protect from overheating, which can lead to product failure. Easily reconfigure the vent fans to bring in cool air or exhaust hot air - whatever the install requires. Plus you can mount the system vertically or horizontally for maximum flexibility. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel, it features a removable grill and contains 6 ultra-quiet, brushless DC fans that operate almost silently to create circulation in style.

 Dimensions 15.56" x 2.25" x 1.75"
Airflow 66 CFM
Fan Noise 28 dBA