UPS Battery Pack for IP Power Conditioners - 1100 VA

The WattBox® Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery pack is loaded with features to help keep vital equipment up and running in the case of power loss. This Pure Sinewave UPS provides battery backup and full automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to prevent costly interruptions, as well as a 'Graceful Shutdown' of a connected PC via USB port. By using the single outlet to back up a WattBox IP power conditioner, you can receive system OvrC updates, which allow you to monitor power and perform basic functions like load shedding configuration. With this model, you’ll get a 1500 VA capacity, up to 5:30 minutes of battery backup at full load (1200W), and 13:30 minutes of battery backup at 50% load (600W).

**To access OvrC, this product must be paired with a compatible IP-enabled WattBox power conditioner updated with the latest firmware.

**This product has a 1350 Watt Max Load and requires a 24-in rack for mounting.

**When using an OvrC Enabled UPS, if an outlet mode is set to “Reset Only,” it is ineligible for load shedding. Set the outlet mode to “Normal” to enable the outlet to shed its load.