Universal Multi-Voltage Power Supply - 10 Outlet

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Perfect for use with surveillance cameras, modems, HDBaseT extenders, and scenarios requiring more than one type of DC voltage, this convenient 10-output power supply allows you to “mix and match” with selectable management for 12V, 5V, or auxiliary DC supply - all in one powerful box. Gone are the days of messy wall warts and multiple power strips, manage all of your DC supplied low-voltage components with this one rack-mountable solution. Plus, this product is unique in its class - with efficient and easy-to-use screw-down wire terminals, there’s no need to fuss with product-specific cables. And with self-resetting PTC fuses, you don’t have to worry about replacing fuses.

 Dimensions 19" x 1.75" x 8.25"
Rack Spacing 1U