Stand-Alone UPS - 8 Outlets / 2000 VA

The WattBox® Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is packed with features to help keep vital equipment up and running in the case of power loss. This Pure Sinewave UPS provides 8 outlets of battery backup and full automatic voltage regulation (AVR) to prevent costly interruptions, as well as a 'Graceful Shutdown' of a connected PC via USB port. With this model, you’ll get a 2000 VA capacity, up to 5:30 min of battery backup at full load (1560W), and 15:30 minutes of battery backup at 45% load (720W).

**This product has a 1710 Watt Max Load (20-amp plug) and is deeper than its predecessor, requiring a 24-in rack for mounting.

**This product is not compatible with EP-400-NMC.

5.2 Minute Battery runtime at full load